Puhui Group, positioned as the "City Overlooker", is a company with real estate development as its core, involved in diversified industries such as construction engineering, residential industrialization, hot spring development, property management, hotel management, tourism development, scenic spot management, catering and entertainment. At the same time, the development of real estate involves multi-format development clusters of residential, commercial, hotel, urban complex, tourism real estate and other real estate upstream and downstream and extended industries. The company has a registered capital of 100.8 million yuan, more than 3560 employees, more than 400 management personnel, 352 persons with economic and technical titles, including 72 persons with intermediate titles or above, and 265 construction machines (sets). The annual construction capacity is 200,000 square meters. Above, the annual output value is 500 million yuan, with strong economic and technical strength.

Puhui Group adheres to the concept of "prosperity in diligence, trust in justice. Committed to creating more value for employees, customers, shareholders, and society", and "promoting industry with science and technology, building quality projects; pioneering and enterprising, creating first-class services" For the quality management policy, adhering to the "three-hearted" customer service concept of "sincerity, diligence and perseverance", after 40 years of wind and rain, it has developed into Chongqing Puhui Commercial Management Co., Ltd., Jiguanshi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Xiaoyue Property One of Chongqing’s top 50 conglomerate private enterprises with 16 subsidiaries including Chongqing Management Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Shengdi Hot Spring Development Co., Ltd.



Led by real estate development, the group integrates building materials, hotel management, property management, tourism development, leisure industry and catering. It is a large diversified industry group company in Chongqing. It has Chongqing Puhui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing JIGUANSHI Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xiaoyue property management company, Yitong commercial concrete mixing company and Chongqing holy land temperature Spring company, Chongqing dream Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprise entities. At the same time, with the development of multi project operation of group real estate, Puhui Wansheng subsidiary and Shizhu company have been established respectively.




With 35 years of enterprise accumulation, 20 years of real estate development and 15 years of urban operation, Puhui has gathered sufficient professional talents, strong capital strength, and rich project operation experience and time of various business types, which has witnessed the strength of Puhui.