Help Prevent Aging by Avoiding These Foods

Many people want to look and feel good as long they can. One of the best ways to help this process along is by avoiding certain foods to prevent ageing. Consuming foods that are known to be dangerous may contribute to physical problems that can make you look and feel older that your actual age. Such foods can contribute to problems that people associate with aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles and a rear that is not tight. The good news? It’s easier than ever to identify such foods and avoid them. Doing so will pay big dividends.

Processed Meat

Eating meat can be a balanced part of any diet. Meat has many nutrients that are hard to get into a diet if you rely on other sources of protein such as beans. However, meats that are heavily processed should be avoided. Hot dogs, pepperoni and bacon are very high in fat and known to be unhealthy. Excessive fat can stretch out your skin and contribute to problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Processed meats also contain nitrates. Nitrates have been linked to all kinds of cancers.

Sugary Pastries

Natural sugar such as that found in fresh fruit is a good dietary choice. However, the kind of sugar that is found in pastries and other fried desserts should be avoided. Sugary pastries are high in calories and fat. Eating them can contribute to the formation of wrinkles on the face and sagging lines as well as unattractive weight gain in the buttocks area.


Butter and other saturated fats are not good for the heart. Consuming butter and other such fats can also cause someone to put on weight, especially around the abdomen. Abdominal fat is particular dangerous as it can increase anyone’s overall chance of a heart attack. Instead of butter, use fats that are known to be healthier such as olive oils. Doing so is the best way to help get the fat necessary to function each day without the kind of fat that can be extremely dangerous.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Potato chips and other fried foods should not be part of a good diet. Potatoes that are fried typically contain highly saturated fats that are known to be a major cause of the formation of less-than-ideal cholesterol. Rather than consuming fried potatoes or potato chips, it is better to eat potatoes that are have been boiled carefully or baked and topped with healthy steamed vegetables. Potatoes consumed in their natural state are high in necessary nutritrients as well as being a good source of natural fiber. Steam a potato in the microwave for an easy side dish that works well with any main course.

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